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Hello Pete. Many thanks indeed for including Adela Curtis' pamphlet on making a compost heap in your newsletter. She was quite a formidable person with her own perspective on many aspects of life! She believed passionately in the importance of our relationship with the world around us and that we weren't to do damage to the earth. This lecture was given and the pamphlet published just prior to the outbreak of war and I think she hoped to encourage regular householders to start growing more of their own food and build a compost heap, perhaps for the first time. She felt the use of flush toilets led to a terrible waste of 'waste products' which should go back on the land. In her community here in West Dorset, not far from Burton Bradstock, they all used earth closets. I believe she had one flush toilet put in the main house here eventually, so that she could show the environmental health people that they were compliant, but it was never used!

This winter we are hoping to set up a new composting system here at Othona, as our old bins are falling apart. We are looking at using plastic barrels which can be turned on their axis. We will see how it goes!

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