The Aerobic Digest is an irregular email about composting, written by Pete Ashton with contributions from many others. It’s free to subscribe. I may add a donation tier but all content will be available to everyone.

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It’s early days (at time of writing — September 2023) but I intend this newsletter to cover these broad areas:

  • Community-scale composting of food waste-streams.

  • Homestead / allotment composting.

  • Soil health and restoration (no-dig, etc).

  • Compost bay structure design.

  • Composting mix rations, methods and techniques.

There’ll be links to articles, videos, forum threads, book reviews - anything I come across that makes me go “hmm, that’s interesting, other people should see this.”

The three heap system on my allotment in Birmingham, UK

I’m also a composter, of course, having started in earnest during the Covid lockdowns in 2020, figuring it out as I go. This ongoing journey, along with those of my composting friends, will probably form the narrative backbone of the newsletter.

I practice hot aerobic composting in 1.2m (4ft) cube heaps on an allotment in Birmingham UK. I’m constantly refining the process but aim for each heap to be ready within a year.

There’s also a good chance I’ll use this newsletter as motivation to work through James McSweeney’s epic book Community-Scale Composting Systems and write up my notes here.

Alongside all this I’m keen to look at what the creatures the power the composting process can teach us about being human, from the microbes and worms to the mycelium networks of the soil web. I feel it’s a strong metaphor to help us undo the damage of extractive capitalism across society.

Oh, and also Solarpunk. Expect that to make an appearance.

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